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Published 12/01/21 Written by Caring Nurses | Last updated on April 13, 2023

Travel nursing Caring Nurses LLC

A career in pediatric nursing can be quite rewarding and fulfilling for nurses who love working with children. Pediatric nurses work in various healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, and pediatricians' offices. They provide direct patient care, including administering medication and treatments, monitoring vital signs, and assisting with diagnostic tests. Pediatric nurses also educate parents and families on proper care techniques and ways to promote a child's health and development.

School nursing is another specialty area that nurses can pursue. School nurses work in schools and educational settings, providing health care services to students and staff. They manage student health concerns, perform health screenings, administer medications, and provide health education to students and families.

In Connecticut, both pediatric and school nursing are in high demand, with many job opportunities available. Nurses in these specialties can earn competitive salaries and have the satisfaction of knowing that they are making a difference in children's lives. At our nursing agency in Connecticut, we offer a personalized approach to combining health care facilities with pediatric nursing staff. Pediatric nursing care in Brooklyn, Windham, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Eastford, Windham, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Hampton, Windham, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Windham, Windham, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in  woodstock, Windham, Connecticut, CT |

What is a traveling nurse?

An itinerant nurse is a nurse who regularly moves to new facilities, usually hospitals, rather than staying in a fixed position. Traveling nurses can quickly flood an area to meet the demand for nurses and routinely relocate to better places or facilities where they are vital. Many traveling nurses are single, allowing them to be flexible and highly mobile, but some have partners and families who stay while traveling for work.

Many communities worldwide are experiencing a shortage of nurses, and a skilled nurse is generally not without job opportunities. Travel nurses are very convenient for medical facilities to fill in staffing gaps. For example, a nurse licensed in Connecticut for various reasons could be temporarily replaced by an itinerant nurse, or itinerant nurses could help cope with a natural disaster or similar event that puts pressure on the nursing staff.

Because working as a roving nurse can be stressful, ambulatory nurses have compensated accordingly. Many of them earn very competitive salaries that can include benefits. Some nurses receive lodging, food allowances, and other benefits to make it easier to travel for work. Some nursing agencies will make mortgage payments or offer other incentives to people willing to work as roving nurses. School nursing and pediatric nursing are two specialties that itinerant nurses could pursue, providing care to children in various locations.

Benefits of travel nursing

Travel nursing is the cure for those restless people who fall ill from the same scenario day after day. In months, you can go from working in hospitals in Washington DC to beach properties in Honolulu, Hawaii. If you hate the seasons, choose to work in a state where it is always sunny, like Arizona.

Due to high demand, traveling nurses often receive higher salaries than permanent full-time employees. In addition, travel nursing companies offer clean, quality, and accessible accommodations near the hospital. Health and wellness benefits are also provided, including medical, dental, and vision insurance.

For all these reasons, many people think that working as a travel nurse has very relevant advantages. They can see many different places around the world while earning a very decent income. The nurse can decide the travel distance and period for each assignment. She is also reimbursed for travel expenses and is provided with proper housing for the job duration. Family and pets are also often accommodated, and many nurses can travel with friends.

A travel nurse also benefits from not having to sign a contract with any healthcare facility while she continues to receive benefits such as retirement, health insurance, and monetary bonuses. This job also looks great on a resume because it shows that a person is excited about her career, efficient, and adaptable.

How to start?

Asking fellow travel nurses and friends in the field is a great place to start. You should find a company and submit applications for potential jobs. Look in a state you always wanted to travel to. Hawaii and Arizona are competitive locations due to their climate and nursing shortages.

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