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A fundamental specialty in nursing is undoubtedly the so-called oncology nursing. In fact, this is the nursing staff that takes care of oncology patients or cancer patients and their families.

A long and complicated process, which requires qualified nursing staff. The functions of an oncology nurse will be very different.

The oncology patient is subjected to multiple treatments that are very long. Therefore, a patient gets to know deeply, which generates mutual attachment.

What is oncology?

Oncology is the branch of medicine that deals with preventing, diagnosing, and treating neoplasms, benign and malignant tumors, especially cancer.

Due to the rapid advancement of oncology research in recent years, there is a growing trend towards super-specialization. Oncologists specialize in a particular type of cancer or group of cancers. It is vital to always turn to highly specialized professionals who work in a coordinated and multidisciplinary way to address all aspects of the disease and adjust to each case.

Oncology comprises the knowledge of all aspects related to cancer: epidemiology, prevention, and treatments. Therefore, the mission of the oncology nurse is fundamental. Are you looking for nursing jobs at school in Connecticut? Look no further than Carling Nurses School nursing in Groton, New london, Connecticut, CT | School nursing in New london, New london, Connecticut, CT | School nursing in Norwich, New london, Connecticut, CT | School nursing in Montville, New london, Connecticut, CT | School nursing in Salem, New london, Connecticut, CT | School nursing in Waterford, New london, Connecticut, CT |

What is oncology nursing?

The specialist in Oncology Nursing can work at any level of care in the health system, as clinical specialists in hospital and outpatient oncology services. These specialists can exercise their role in public and private health institutions at all levels of care, performing in the coordination of health promotion and cancer prevention campaigns. Provide home care to individuals, families, caregivers, the community, specialized cancer treatment centers, and palliative care services.

The Oncology Nurse Specialist provides care, in coordination with other health care team members, to children, adolescents, and adults in prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, palliative care, and rehabilitation in situations of cancer disease. In their duties, this professional uses the most current scientific evidence available to achieve positive changes in the health and care of the person who has or has had a diagnosis of cancer or is at risk of developing such disease.

Oncology nursing practice provides services by professional and competent nurses to the individual, family, or community, throughout the health-disease continuum, from cancer prevention to end-of-life care. Oncology nurses carry out their care functions, teaching, management, and research using a scientific method.

Oncology nurses are a fundamental part of patient care. Without them, the work of oncologists and other health professionals would not be possible. Are you a nurse looking for job opportunities in Connecticut? Caring Nurses can give you job {service(nursing-jobs-new-london)}

What are the functions of nurses working in oncology?

Oncology nursing is today a specialty, although it is not recognized as such by the Superintendence of Health. Nurses who work with oncology patients learn to approach this pathology in an integral way, independently of the fact that within oncology itself there are different areas of work, which are oncology surgery, radiation therapy, medical oncology and hemato-oncology, and palliative care. But nursing also has roles in support services such as Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Psycho-oncology, and Anesthesia, for example.

Every oncology patient follows a path within the institution, after his first consultation, he goes to the oncology committee, which is an interdisciplinary meeting where the case is presented and the treatment of each patient is decided. This meeting has the active participation of the nurse, who coordinates the care of patients with the different teams, according to the decision of the committee.

The Surgical Oncology Nurse receives the patient at the Polyclinic, coordinates the surgery date, and helps the patient with the pre-surgical procedures. She ensures that the deadlines are met if it is a GES pathology. When surgery is decided, the patient goes to Triage, where the nurse reviews the patient's history and coordinates the care with the anesthesiologist. Once the patient is hospitalized, other nurses admit the patient, educate him, perform the preoperative procedures in preparation for surgery, and when he is already operated on, they provide post-operative care: permanent evaluation, education, general care, curses, drains, etc. Then the education for discharge, appointment for post-operative medical control, and the controls and cures.

In Radiotherapy, the specialist nurse educates the patient in relation to his treatment and the care he should receive. She guides the patient through the different stages of the treatment, providing the necessary care, such as radiodermatitis cures and counseling on sexual needs, which are affected by the treatment, for example, in the treatment of cervical cancer.

In Medical Oncology and Hemato-oncology, the oncology nurse coordinates outpatient and inpatient care personally administers chemotherapy treatments, observes all biosafety standards, monitors the patient during treatment, and educates the patient on the required post-treatment care to prevent complications.

In Palliative Care, the nurse organizes the care provided by the interdisciplinary team and provides the necessary care, educating the patient and family, and supervising the care during home visits and telephone monitoring.

During all the stages of the disease, the nurse approaches the patient-family unit with an integral approach, assisting the patient in the care and educating and guiding them in the different stages of the treatment, taking into account that this is a very emotionally affected patient.

Main functions in oncology nursing

The functions of an oncology nurse are quite varied. It should be remembered that this is the nursing staff who is at the side of the oncology patient throughout the disease process.

Therefore, the functions of an oncology nurse range from cancer prevention to palliative care of a terminally ill patient:

  • Providing medication to the patient in the correct doses (palliative, morphine, chemotherapy)

  • To be in direct contact with the patient and his family (communication is essential in this type of patient).

  • To carry out full attention to the oncology patient and his family.

  • To carry out research tasks.

  • Be part of the oncology team of a hospital.

  • Carry out duties on health promotion.

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