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In the social imaginary, there seems to be a perpetuation of the idea that careers related to health sciences, including nursing, involve a professional practice focused solely on the care of individuals experiencing illness situations, and therefore its field of action is directed towards health services, such as clinics and hospitals, exclusively.

However, it is important to consider and acknowledge nursing as a profession and discipline that possesses and develops knowledge which, when complemented with skills and abilities, is a product of the relationship between research, theory, and practice, guiding its work towards the promotion of a healthy life, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliation, all centered around the health-disease dyad.

Nursing is a liberal profession that requires an academic degree to practice, and it is also a discipline that develops its own knowledge related to the experience of human health care. It involves the individual, the family, the community, and the environment, in addition to socio-cultural, economic, political characteristics, and needs and rights. These are all relevant aspects that influence health and well-being as a whole.

The nurse practices their profession considering the wealth of knowledge represented by conceptual models and nursing theories, along with knowledge related to humanistic, social, and biological sciences, the use of information and communication technologies, and the use of cutting-edge technology. The practice of nursing extends beyond hospital and clinical settings and includes other areas such as pediatric nursing, school nursing, and community health nursing in Connecticut and other regions.

Fields of action of the Nursing professional

Nursing is one of the most popular health fields for those who have a strong vocation for human well-being and a deep sense of responsibility towards patients. Nurses have become increasingly important in caring for and protecting people's health. They are also responsible for providing exceptional care of the highest quality. Today, we will explore the different areas of nursing work, including pediatric nursing and school nursing in Connecticut.

Nurses are healthcare professionals responsible for caring for people who suffer from illnesses, conditions, disabilities, or any ailment that affects their health. They plan and carry out practical tasks under the direction of medical professionals, usually doctors.

When discussing nursing work areas, it's important to consider the specializations available to nursing graduates, such as pediatric nursing and school nursing. In Connecticut, there are many opportunities for nurses to work in various fields and settings, including hospitals, clinics, schools, and private practices. Nurses can specialize in areas such as pediatrics, critical care, mental health, and community health, among others.

Pediatric nursing focuses on the care of infants, children, and adolescents. Nurses in this field provide specialized care for young patients with various conditions, including congenital disorders, chronic illnesses, and acute injuries. At our nursing agency in Connecticut, we offer a personalized approach to combining health care facilities with child-friendly nursing staff. Pediatric nursing care in Groton, New london, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in New london, New london, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Norwich, New london, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Montville, New london, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Salem, New london, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Waterford, New london, Connecticut, CT |

School nursing, on the other hand, involves caring for students in educational settings. School nurses work with students, parents, and teachers to promote health and wellness, manage chronic illnesses, and respond to emergency situations. In Connecticut, school nurses are an essential part of the educational system and play a crucial role in keeping students healthy and safe.

  • Administrative nursing

Nursing is understood as the comprehensive care performed by qualified personnel on individuals in different health conditions. It is the field where the planning of activities such as vaccination, distribution, fieldwork, planning of urban and rural activities and implement all health promotion and prevention programs. This is one of the nursing work areas, which allows its professionals to get involved in the administrative and management field, both of nursing care in institutions and its services.

The activities carried out in this field are:

  • Organization of care, making use of strategic planning.

  • Directs the people in charge of providing nursing care to patients.

  • Manages the distribution of personnel and material resources.

  • It is responsible for preparing budgets and requirements to provide nursing services.

  • Teaching nursing

A continuous process that accompanies and crosses all life, thus giving rise to the educational profession whose raison d'être is the formation of man, the teacher helps the student or who makes himself before society to guarantee the well-being of patients.

Nursing developed as a profession in the year 1860, thanks to the first educational institution for nurses called Nightingale Training School for Nurses, which was financed by the Nightingale Foundation, whose creator was the one who created the first organized training program for nurses.

Thanks to Florence Nightingale, professional nursing training at the university level spread worldwide. Now, nurses who are dedicated to the area of teaching must meet certain conditions:

Have the preparation and training in pedagogical methods that facilitate the teaching-learning processes. Make use of active and participatory methodologies that promote metacognition in their students. Have the ability to work as a teacher in undergraduate and postgraduate universities, among others.

  • Nursing care

The professional has some fields of action, which are spaces where they develop effectively according to the education received. This field seeks to provide care to individuals, families, and populations at the different levels of care of the Health Systems.

  • Home care nursing

Set of care provided to the patient without the precision of the hospital infrastructure but with the need for active surveillance and complex assistance for their recovery or maintenance of the state of health.

  • Clinical Nursing

Supports the individual in the conservation and increase of her health and helps him recover pathological processes within the hospital area. If you want to be part of the Caring Nurses team you can contact us from anywhere, especially from the following cities or towns: {service(nursing-jobs-new-london)}

  • Investigative nursing

It is discipline-oriented to the continuous development of the scientific basis necessary for professional practice. It is in charge of improving and validating existing nursing knowledge and generating new knowledge to apply it in the future.

The purpose of Nursing research is to improve health care. Nursing research can contribute to developing theory and the body of knowledge. A problem is likely to be investigated by Nursing as long as it can address and control the phenomena under study.

Performance Areas

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing can work successfully in some of the following areas:

  • Public Sector: In first, second, and third-level care institutions belonging to the Ministry of Public Health, she can act as leader and manager of health services. Likewise, it can be located in different public sector entities, as part of the hospital teams in the municipalities, among others.

  • Private Sector: Companies, hospitals, clinics, clinics, banks, nursing offices, public and private educational units at different levels of primary, secondary, higher education, factories, health consultancies and consultancies, health and social projects, social and physical rehabilitation, childcare centers, care centers for the elderly and Non-Governmental Organizations – NGOs.

  • Independent Practice: In nursing offices and care centers, homework, health care micro-businesses, alternative therapies, teaching, and others for the free exercise of their profession.

The labor field of a nursing professional is vast. This is due to the tremendous social demand that currently exists. Nurses must have comprehensive training and count on professionals capable of responding to the challenges of a globalized world.

These professionals must provide comprehensive nursing care in the health services network, both in the public sector and in the private sector and non-governmental organizations. In the teaching field, at all levels of formal and non-formal education.

In the management of nursing care services at local, regional, and national levels, educational institutions, and political health levels.

In the field of research, as a designer, director, executor, and evaluator of research projects in health and nursing, social development, and education. This is how we can see that this career is applied in the healthcare area and other fields.

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