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Written by Caring Nurses

Nurses play a relevant and important role in illness prevention and health promotion.

Nurses assume the role of ambassadors and carriers of wellness. Every nurse plays such an important role in caring for the well, as they do in caring for the sick. Nowadays, it’s mostly understood that caring for the well is the more important role, when health promotion makes sense. If they can preserve wellness, the number of times a person needs to enter the health-care system and its costs are reduced.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health promotion as a process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health (WHO, 1986). To make the process easier, nurses must provide people with appropriate information.

They have a key role in providing that necessary information in the form of health teaching. Nurses are highly educated, experienced health professionals who are accessible through many spaces and platforms. Nurses can also direct people to local resources and give out health and wellness information. In situations like this and more, is where access to accurate health information can assist people in staying healthy.

Nurses are one of the best qualified health workers to take the job of promoting health due to their expertise. Just a few health care occupations have the experience, skills, theory, and research to be able to spread the right information for prevention because it is considered part of their professional development tasks.

Nurses are able to work formally or informally as case demands. There are formal roles for nurses where the nurse's only role is to help patients and families navigating through the healthcare system. Informally, all nurses have the capacity to work with patients and families to make sure that they receive the holistic care that is needed for optimal outcomes.

They normally work as consultants in many communities and organizations to help define the health care needings of that determinate population, by promoting activities and community development for the citizens who live there.

Nurses are most recognized as the principal caregivers of patients in several areas. They are the ones who provide caring solutions and relevant information.

In Caring Nurses we know the importance of being a health worker, and all of the responsibilities it takes. One of them is to promote health, and we’re always available for you, your family and anyone that is needing us.



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