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Are you a great nurse? Sure, you are!

Written by Caring Nurses

We agree that nursing is one of the most heartwarming professions around the world. Helping others through the job is something that many people want. Nevertheless, a career like nursing requires some specific characteristics. Not everyone can develop this activity. Only those with the necessary qualities can be considered great nurses.

Remember that there are different kinds of caring nurses. If you want to know more about this, you can visit our post about Types of caring nurses. But, no matter the type of nurse you need, there are some standard features that you can find in an admirable professional in the health field. Maybe you are asking yourself how to identify a great nurse. For this reason, we want to share with you some characteristics that can help you to know when you have a great nurse in front of you.

How to identify a great nurse

Nursing is a very complex profession, so it requires different abilities to perform the job correctly in every situation. There is no unique answer about identifying a great nurse, but we want to show you the primary skills that a good nurse should have.


This value is essential in every job we have, and in every task we develop in life. But, the difference between nursing and other professions is that, in this case, nursers have a direct relationship with the health of patients. A person's life and wellness are in the nurse's hands. So, it is vital that the attention received corresponds with the responsibility that it implies.


It is undeniable that great nurses feel empathy for the pain and suffering of patients. These professionals have compassion for others, and they worry about them. Good nurses always want their patients to feel as comfortable as possible.

Physical resistance

It is not always about inner abilities. For nursing, it is crucial to have some physical skills to get better performance. Standing for long periods, moving patients, transferring material, etc. These are some of the day-to-day tasks of a nurse. All of them require being in good shape. Work conditions can become tough sometimes. Either due to the patients' difficulties or the hours you spend on your feet, resistance is a necessary quality. Physical ability is something to consider among candidates for this job.

Good communication

Throughout a working day, a nurse will contact doctors, assistants, patient caretakers, and family members. A great nurse will also manage different social relationships without a problem. It is vital to know how to communicate with people and adapt the language according to the interlocutor. In the case of patients and the family, a nurse must communicate every step of the procedure carried out clearly and calmly. How to transfer information correctly is fundamental. In addition, control of non-verbal-language, such as gestures and body language, is also essential.


The nurse-patient relationship is based on a few essential pillars, one of which is respect. The nurse must be respectful to the people who receive attention. Of course, it is not enough to be a respectful professional with the patients. It is crucial to have this value with the rest of colleagues and with the patient's relatives.


Too often, nurses need to respond quickly to sudden incidents, and nurses always have to be prepared for the unexpected. Keeping calm in a crisis is a necessary quality. The intensity of daily work, plus different schedule changes, can cause fatigue and loss of concentration. For this reason, the nurse has to be a person with a tremendous retentive capacity to know how to accurately remember orders and procedures and not forget the multitude of details. They must pay careful attention to avoid making mistakes that could be detrimental to the patient.

Remember that at Caring Nurses, we have experienced nurses with the ideal qualities to develop a great job. So, you do not have to look any further. Contact us now and choose the best nursing option for you.



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Are you a great nurse? Sure, you are!

We agree that nursing is one of the most heartwarming professions ar...

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