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Elderly care

Written by Caring Nurses

The resident's medical care is one of the most important factors when choosing a facility.

How do nursing homes and care homes for the elderly work?

Generally, when a new elderly adult arrives in nursing homes, the care team, led by the coordinating physician and the referring nurse, develop a personalized care plan for that older adult.

This document allows a diagnosis to be made to satisfy all the basic needs of the older adult in terms of care.

The coverage established in the care plan is determined taking into account:

  • Needs related to the health status of the elderly,
  • Needs related to their level of physical, psychological, and social dependence,
  • The help the school team can provide.

Beyond simple treatments, as caring nurses, we provide comprehensive care to the elderly. It allows to:

  • Implement actions to prevent loss of autonomy,
  • Avoid disorientation of the resident,
  • Organize continuity of care for the elderly,
  • Adapt the training of health teams.
  • All medical staff members participate in the implementation of the care project for the elderly and are called upon in this context on a daily basis.

How does the healthcare team ensure the care of the elderly?

The coordinating doctor who heads the health team aims to guarantee optimal senior care for the nursing home residents where she works.

With the rest of the health team, she determines the priorities for the care of the elderly, coordinates the intervention of health professionals outside the establishment, and guarantees control of health spending within the residence. She must also ensure continuous geriatric training of staff and advise on admissions.

The referral nurse will assist the coordinating physician, de facto supervise and lead the care team, and ensure that the prescriptions are respected and that care for the elderly is continued.

Finally, nursing assistants and medical-psychological assistants are involved in a multifaceted way in the operation of the nursing home and in providing care to the elderly. These employees are in constant contact with the residents, whom they support daily.

What is the specific gerontological care in a nursing home?

Home nursing staff must take care of the health of each resident whenever necessary.

However, public authorities require facilities for the care of the elderly that emphasize:

  • Prevention of mental disorders.
  • Prevention and treatment of pain.
  • Pressure ulcers.
  • Incontinence.
  • Therapy at the end of life in a nursing home.

In addition, the objectives of the nursing staff are as follows:

  • Preserve or restore the autonomy of the resident.
  • Maintain relationships with loved ones and the outside world.
  • Promote communication with the resident and her family.
  • Guarantee the quality of care for the elderly.

Providing quality care to the elderly is possible thanks to:

  • Good communication and optimal coordination between the members of the medical team.
  • The development of a protocol for emergencies.
  • The presence of a medical guard 24 hours a day.

The existence of a unit protected against Alzheimer's disease makes it possible to offer more specific care to the elderly with Alzheimer's disease, thanks to personnel specially trained in the treatment of behavioral disorders.



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