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The presence of a school nurse in schools is necessary both for the development of educational objectives with specific needs and to prevent, promote, and maintain students' health during their school years.

With the pass of time, the figure of the school nurse is more important in society, and it extends to the school community.

Having a nursing professional in schools is an issue of importance and effectiveness. With their care and health prevention work, they improve the quality of life and students' knowledge about health, thus acquiring healthy habits at this moment of their lives.

Having a nurse in the educational centers is a fundamental working instrument because they can guide and train all the institution's workers, the students, and even their families. They analyze all the aspects of school nursing, which is why the Nurse's role is fundamental.

During the first years of life, it is the phase where the most critical healthy habits start to be acquired, which accompany the health of the person throughout their life. For this reason, the figure of the Nurse must be implemented at the School centers.

Nurses are health professionals that promote more confidence in the general population, especially in the school population. Having a nurse as a health professional in educational centers can give complete and practical information and teach good health education.

It is also essential to interfere in case of chronic problems of students, occasional health problems, and prevent issues that exist at this school age.

With the implementation of this professional, an improvement in the health of the analyzed population can be observed and with it a foreseeable improvement in the future of the health of young people, families, teaching professionals, and the whole society. The main objective is to improve health and quality of life by behaving healthier and modifying lifestyles. It is fundamental to train healthy people to promote, teach, and protect students' health through Health Programs.

Having a nurse within schools provides us with more knowledge and information so that students can freely choose in health matters since they are provided with expertise and teaching and thus can act against the possible risks in the future.

School nursing is a profession that is available to the community, so you have to take advantage of this type of resource to expand it to society.



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