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Nurses materials Caring Nurses LLC

Nurses' Supplies

Published 10/12/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Nursing is one of the essential professions due to its importance in society. Their excellent work saves thousands of lives year after year. In this article, we make a small compilation of materials.
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Nurse smiling Caring Nurses

What do you need to become a nurse?

Published 09/11/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Visiting a hospital is not a pleasant task. Therefore, the most visible work is that of the doctor. However, a group, often invisible, tries that patient can be attended to.
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Happy nurse Caring Nurses LLC

What can you do to be a better nurse?

Published 08/06/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Occupational Nursing is a branch of nursing whose objective is the preservation of the worker's health and prevention and attention of work accidents, thus protecting the personnel from illnesses
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Nurse attending people Caring Nurses LLC

What does an occupational nurse do?

Published 07/16/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Occupational Nursing is a branch of nursing whose objective is the preservation of the worker's health and prevention and attention of work accidents, thus protecting the personnel from illnesses
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The role of anesthesiology nursing

Published 07/08/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

The main objectives of the nurse's role in general anesthesia are: To provide optimal surgical conditions, whose first objective is the safety and health of the patient.
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Nurse with a heart Caring Nurses LLC

Learn about cardiovascular nursing

Published 06/30/20 Ingenuity & Solutions

During the last two decades, nursing care has faced a series of fundamental challenges derived from changes in health systems and, more than anything else.
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Family and Community Nursing

Published 06/22/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Family and community nursing is a fundamental piece in the care and prevention of diseases located in urban areas or localities, where individuals can obtain information from it to avoid diseases.
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Nurses caring babies

How important are neonatal nurses

Published 06/16/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

The health of our children is paramount in the first days or weeks of birth. That is why there is neonatal nursing, which cares for these remarkable beings who become part of society and our lives.
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Nurse with two kids Caring Nurses LLC

Nurses at schools

Published 06/08/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Nursing is a profession that allows a multitude of specializations. One of those currently in vogue is the one exercised in educational centers.
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Nurse caring an elder Caring Nurses LLC

Why should you have a home nurse?

Published 06/02/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Home nursing service is perfect for caring for all family members when they are ill or need special attention. Often, lack of time prevents us from caring for our family members as we would like.
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Nurse caring a patient Caring Nurses LLC

Learn about palliative care nursing

Published 05/25/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Nursing as a healthcare profession is profoundly conditioned by both social changes and changes in the healthcare and service organizations it is immersed in.
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Advantages of private nursing care

Published 05/18/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Each patient is unique and requires a tailored care plan developed with their specific needs. Having a home nursing service allows patients to recover faster after undergoing surgery.
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Nurse helping a woman Caring Nurses LLC

Why mental health nursing is so relevant

Published 05/11/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Scientific-technical and nursing advances have molded specialists in mental health services in general. Mental health nurses provide care and support to people with mental illness.
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nurse caring a patient

Relevance of oncology nursing

Published 05/04/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

A fundamental specialty in nursing is undoubtedly the so-called oncology nursing. In fact, this is the nursing staff that takes care of oncology patients or cancer patients and their families.
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Nurse caring an elder

Do you know what geriatric nursing is?

Published 04/27/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Nursing is a branch of health care sciences that is very extensive. Among its specialties, we find geriatric nursing which deals with assessing, planning, and implementing nursing care for the elderly
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Nurse working Caring Nurses

Top 9 famous nurses

Published 04/20/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Nursing is a vocation. Those who choose to dedicate their lives to caring for and helping people with their health play a great role in our society. This is our Top of famous nurses
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Nurses and doctors Caring nurses LLC

Nurses vs Doctors: What you need to know

Published 04/13/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Medicine and nursing are two disciplines that aim for the same goal: to improve patients' health and maintain their well-being.  We show you some differences.
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Nurse as a heroe Caring Nurses

Nurses are heroes!

Published 04/06/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

The daily lives of healthcare professionals can become very complicated. Nurses work tirelessly to care for their patients, they do it with effort and vocation, but this work can be complicated.
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Why nurses are important

Published 03/30/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Nurses are at the frontline of service delivery and play an essential role in person- and community-centered care.
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Nurses Caring Nurses

Risks you face when you are a nurse

Published 03/23/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

It is known that a worker of any profession or occupation may be subject to the risk of becoming ill or suffering a trauma related to the work they perform.
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Hurt nurse

The most common occupational injuries of nurses

Published 03/16/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Nurses play a crucial role in the healthcare system, but they face unique risks while carrying out their daily duties. nurses handle specific injuries at a much higher rate than other workers.
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happy nurse and sad nurse

Good and bad things about nursing

Published 03/09/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Before talking about the advantages and disadvantages of nursing, you need to know that this profession is exciting, beautiful, and not a second choice.
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Stressed nurse

Is it hard to be a nurse?

Published 03/02/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Nurses are warriors, people who work all day and go to university at night, looking to realize dreams and a better life. Some people don't understand what nurses do and how complex is this job.
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nurse with good attitude

10 Things you didn't know about nursing

Published 02/24/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

There are several facts that we do not know about nursing. We will share some curious facts about nursing that you may not know.
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Job interview for nurses

Mistakes in a job interview for nurses

Published 02/17/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Even though it is a highly demanded career in the nursing field, it is essential to know how to face an interview to obtain the desired job.
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Nursing university

How to choose the best school to study nursing

Published 02/10/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Defining the university where you will study for your university career is a significant decision in your life since you need to be well prepared to obtain a good place in the labor market.
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Nurses in a meeting

Action fields of nursing

Published 02/02/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Nursing is one of the areas of health most chosen by those with an excellent vocation for human well-being and a high sense of responsibility towards patients.
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Nurses studying

Know some nursing specializations!

Published 01/26/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Nursing is one of the essential health sciences. Dedicated to the comprehensive care of patients, this discipline is divided into different specialties.
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Nurse studying

Best 10 reasons to study nursing

Published 01/19/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

Nursing is essential for health care, so there are many reasons to study nursing. Here we share the best 10 reasons to study this profession.
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Job interview for nurses

Job interviews for nurses

Published 01/11/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

After studying a nursing career and doing a professional internship, the next step will be to look for a job in a hospital or clinic. One of the most critical stages before being hired.
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Travel nurse Caring Nurses LLC

Requirements to be a travel nurse

Published 01/04/22 Ingenuity & Solutions

A travel nurse is a licensed healthcare professional who works on numerous short-term assignments that require travel. This job is one of the least demanding travel jobs.
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Motivation to become a nurse Caring Nurses LLC

What motivates you to become a nurse?

Published 12/29/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

Nursing is a profession that requires a vocation since skills and knowledge are not enough to be a good nurse or a good nurse. Therefore, it is essential to care for sick or injured people.
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Post-surgery care services

Post-surgery care services

Published 12/21/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

Nursing care in the postoperative period is essential for the patient to regain their vital functions, which are limited by the effects of anesthesia or the surgery itself.
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Nursing vocation Caring Nurses LLC

Nursing: vocation, or learning?

Published 12/18/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

The vocation of nursing work could derive from how health sector workers have inspired us. That tireless work in the health sector has also resulted in how people thank the professionals.
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Caring for patients with mental diseases Caring Nurses LLC

Caring for patients with mental diseases

Published 12/13/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

Due to mental health disorders, it is possible to suffer different types of diseases. Sometimes it is hard to treat patients with mental diseases because their behavior could be unpredictable.
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Nurses for children Caring Nurses LLC

How to be a better nurse for children

Published 12/06/21 Ingenuity & Solutions

The role of the pediatric nurse is based on the interest in developing the care and prevention that a child's health needs to ensure their well-being. 
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Travel nursing Caring Nurses LLC

What you need to know about travel nursing

Published 12/01/21 Caring Nurses

Many nurses are turning to travel nurses and enjoying the benefits of temporary assignments rather than a permanent full-time position.  Keep reading to know more!
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Care for Alzheimer's patients Caring Nurses LLC

How to care for Alzheimer's patients

Published 11/23/21 Caring Nurses

This article will share some tips to keep in mind when caring for patients with Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's disease consists essentially of the death of specific neurons in the cerebral cortex gradually.
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Mistakes when caring for someone Caring Nurses LLC

Mistakes to avoid when you are caring for someone

Published 11/14/21 Caring Nurses

Daily caring for patients is not easy. We want to share with you some common mistakes when caring for a patient. Keep these tips in mind to better serve your patients and be the best nurse ever.
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Make your patient feel important  Caring Nurses LLC

How to make your patient feel important

Published 11/30/21 Caring Nurses

It is always important to treat people in the best way possible. In the case of nurses, they have to be very careful about how to treat patients.
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Characteristics of a great nurse Caring Nurses LLC

Are you a great nurse? Sure, you are!

Published 11/30/21 Caring Nurses

Maybe you are asking yourself how to identify a great nurse. For this reason, we want to share with you some characteristics that can help you to know when you have a great nurse in front of you. 
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Types of caring nurses Caring Nurses LLC

Types of nurses

Published 11/30/21 Caring Nurses

There are many types of nurses. They develop different functions according to the patient's requirements. If you want to know more about this career and the types of nursing care, keep reading! 
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Elderly care Caring Nurses LLC

Elderly care

Published 11/30/21 Caring Nurses

Generally, when a new elderly adult arrives in nursing homes, the care team, led by the coordinating physician and the referring nurse, develops a personalized care plan for that older adult. 
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The importance of nursing role in school health Caring Nurses LLC

The importance of nursing role in school health

Published 06/20/21 Caring Nurses

With the pass of time, the figure of the school nurse is more important in society, and it extends to the school community.  Do not stop reading and know about this topic.
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Nurses contribute to society Caring Nurses LLC

How can nurses contribute to society? 

Published 05/12/21 Caring Nurses

Evaluating the needs of each patient, of each person with whom they work, proposing and planning interventions that solve or help solve, the problems detected. Here we tell you how nurses help society
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Nurses can promote healthy lifestyle Caring Nurses LLC

How nurses can promote healthy lifestyle

Published 05/06/21 Caring Nurses

Nurses assume the role of ambassadors and carriers of wellness. Every nurse plays such an important role in caring for the well, as they do in caring for the sick.
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Nurses contribute to global health Caring Nurses LLC

ICN Will create registry of leading cibtributing to global health

Published 12/01/21 Caring Nurses

This new program enables ICN to identify and certify leading nurses who will become a resource for specialists to meet the growing demand for expert nursing advice around the world.
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