What does an occupational nurse do in Connecticut?

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occupational nurse

Occupational Nursing is a branch of nursing whose objective is the preservation of the worker's health and prevention and attention of work accidents, thus protecting the personnel from illnesses and damages from their work activity.

They oversee transmitting information, ideas, and solutions to problems or ailments related to the company's activities. Occupational nursing must carry out activities that promote the protection of health and the safety of individuals and groups of workers, incorporating prevention strategies. If you want to be part of the Caring Nurses team you can contact us from anywhere, especially from the following cities or towns:

The role of occupational nursing is becoming more important than ever. Since it is a priority that the personnel that makes life in our company have good health, a healthy worker will not be absent from work and will favor the company with its productivity.

Nowadays, it is of utmost importance for companies to have trained personnel who are guarantors of the well-being of the workers. This is not only valid for those organizations that manage many employees but also for small companies.

What is occupational health?

Occupational health or occupational health should be fundamentally a prevention-oriented activity, which concerns risk assessment and control, as well as pro-active strategies aimed at health promotion in the working population.

Therefore, a wide range of skills is needed to identify, assess and design strategies for controlling workplace hazards, including physical, chemical, biological, or psychosocial risks, and health promotion, which is a considerable challenge. It must be recognized that no single professional group has all the skills necessary to achieve this goal, so cooperation among professionals is essential.

Nursing interventions in occupational health

Community health and public health are the pillars on which a more specific field of nursing action is based, which has become a specialty and has been booming in recent times: occupational nursing or nursing applied to occupational health.

The first nurses in the industry based their practice on a community health model, providing family and community health services and industrial health services focused on preventing and treating work-related illnesses and accidents.

Today the role of the occupational health nurse has expanded considerably and been influenced by a reflection of the industry's growth in contemporary society; however, the historical foundations of their practice remain rooted in preventive health care and public health principles.

The practice of occupational health nursing is derived from a synthesis of knowledge drawn primarily from nursing, medicine, public health, social sciences, management theories, and labor law; in addition to other more specific fields in the area such as industrial hygiene, safety, toxicology, ergonomics, psychology, and epidemiology.

Due to the nature of occupational health nursing, the nurse needs to use a multidisciplinary approach to workforce health problems.

What is occupational health nursing?

According to WHO, occupational health is a multidisciplinary activity that promotes and protects workers' health. This discipline seeks to control accidents and diseases through the reduction of risk conditions, as well as to guarantee a pleasant environment free of discomfort.

With this, we can say that it is a set of measures and actions aimed at preserving, improving, and repairing people's health in their individual and collective work life.

Within this science, we will find the main objectives:

  • Promote and maintain the highest degree of workers' physical, mental, and social well-being in all their professions.

  • To prevent any damage to health due to working conditions.

  • To protect them in their employment against the risks resulting from the existence of agents harmful to health.

  • To place the worker in a job by his physiological and psychological aptitudes.

  • To adapt each work to the workers.

  • Occupational nursing should carry out activities that promote safeguarding the health and protection of individuals or groups of workers, incorporating prevention strategies.

Occupational nurses must fulfill four essential tasks or functions within organizations:

  • Monitor workers' health and provide primary care in accidents, incidents, or any minor ailment that the worker may present.

  • Prevent risk situations for workers and promote a healthy culture for the company.

  • Manage and plan protocols and procedures that guarantee a healthy environment for all organization members.

  • Conduct research related to occupational health issues.

  • The role of occupational health nursing is of utmost importance within organizations.

  • The healthier the workers are, the higher the productivity of the work team.

  • The role of occupational nursing in companies

Occupational nurses could be considered part of every company's central cell. Although they are ultimately also employees of the company, they have a different role from the rest since this department is responsible for safeguarding the integrity of the health of its workers. Looking for a nursing personnel agency for children and schools in Connecticut? Contact us today. We offer our services in the following cities School nursing in Ansonia, New haven, Connecticut, CT | School nursing in Derby, New haven, Connecticut, CT | School nursing in Meriden, New haven, Connecticut, CT | School nursing in Milford, New haven, Connecticut, CT | School nursing in Waterbury, New haven, Connecticut, CT | School nursing in West haven, New haven, Connecticut, CT |

However, not every company has nurses internally because of its size, the number of employees, or income level that allows them to hire a full-time professional. For this reason, many small and micro companies outsource this responsibility using specialized agencies or Apps that enable you to request a nursing service paying by the hour or shift.

Occupational nursing can analyze and see all those factors that may represent a health problem for employees of companies. That is why several elements, such as: accompany this activity.

The design of a sketch where the areas where the electrical components are most prone to fail or have electrical outlets and emergency doors, among others, are graphically represented. Once all the possible risks have been evaluated, the second phase is to design contingencies for potential accidents.

In turn, the occupational nurse will prepare medical records that determine the pathologies associated with each worker and treatments received and organize them accordingly.

A person with spinal problems cannot occupy a position involving carrying weight since it would aggravate his condition in the long term. Nor can a person with respiratory diseases be exposed to the by-products of processing certain types of chemicals.

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