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Visiting a hospital is not a pleasant task. Therefore, the most visible work is that of the doctor. However, a group, often invisible, tries that patient can be attended to.

When we talk about healing people, it is important to consider that there is a team around it where each person has a fundamental role. For those who go to a doctor's office, the nursing function is almost invisible; however, for those who are hospitalized, it is a task that resembles that of a mother, a caregiver, or an angel.

When pain is present, beyond the knowledge of the doctor and his wisdom, the hand of the nurses are the ones who bring relief, the ones who motivate in the moment of despair. If you want to be part of the Caring Nurses team you can contact us from anywhere, especially from the following cities or towns:

What is important to consider?

It is a reality that this career needs a very high technical quality, but it is also essential to humanity. From their experience, many nurses point out some qualities a person must have to practice this profession.

Some nurses indicate that it is a profession of satisfaction and also for their families because they are the pillar that drives me to fulfill my vocation since sometimes the work can be sacrificed. Still, everything is done for the family, which is reflected in each patient.

Many nurses indicate that their profession has transformed patients' lives through their healing. It is working for a critical patient to get out, recovering and, in addition, it is also providing support to the family since we are the only direct contact. They have to be close to the ones they love.

For some nurses, the devotion you have to your family is reflected in the way you treat your patients, and it is fundamental to practice your profession to the fullest.

Like intensive care, an emergency is a critical area where life can change from one moment to the next. For other professionals in this area, this profession is enriching. Her passion is to help and care for those in need, not only as a nurse but as a human being, so I feel I have had the opportunity to help like nowhere else. Caring Nurses features a variety of pediatric nursing jobs in Connecticut for qualified and passionate individuals.

With the work, dedication, and effort that is put into each quality and warmth care, people's lives are transformed. Making patients feel welcome and important as human beings and clients.

Nursing is part of the services people pay for in a health center, either privately or through their contributions or taxes. Therefore, it is not a gift and must be performed with the utmost professionalism, without forgetting that it is not only a commercial transaction but an act of care with commitment and dedication.

Some nurses indicate that they have helped their colleagues in this pleasant work that is nursing. They feel that they transform the lives of patients by giving them love, and affection, being empathetic, supportive, and very humanitarian.

Undoubtedly, there is a technical profile that must be met, but in the opinion of these nurses, it is something that is learned in the classroom. However, the human quality that allows exercising ethics and humanism, this profession is something that is not taught academically; part of being a good person, able to feel compassion and empathy; to provide a service with vocation, dedication, and effort; but above all willing to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of their patient.

Development of the experience

We defined a reflective study on the nurse-patient relationship in the approach to functional psychosocial patterns, mainly based on personal opinions from our professional experience.

Although not many studies analyze the described patterns and the communicative relationship, we have tried to extract the existing parallels.

Although the functional patterns provide us with a holistic view of the person's state of health, it is in some of them that the first phase may encounter greater difficulties in its accessibility. Patterns such as self-perception-self-concept, role-relationships, sexuality-reproduction, adaptation and tolerance to stress, and values and beliefs represent the most intimate part of the human being.

Therefore, their study represents a stumbling block for the nurse when dealing with them since the data collected are primarily subjective, manifested in the patient's expressions and feelings. Are you looking for nursing jobs at school in Connecticut? Look no further than Carling Nurses {service(nursing-jobs-tolland)}

In daily practice, we encounter specific difficulties in dealing with them. We point out three, perhaps the most significant from our point of view.

Socio-cultural differences: immigration, social classes, age

There are several differences when practicing nursing, which can impact how the patient is treated. Some relevant aspects will be discussed below.

  • Patient expectations and fears

Patients just want to be listened to be able to discharge anxieties, and the nurse is in charge of listening, which involves helping the patient cope with their situation.

  • Time

The nurse's working day is mostly not spent on health promotion. To overcome these frequent difficulties, the nurse must predispose her attitude to achieve objectives and overcome barriers. Among her skills to perform the nursing assessment, the following should be found:

  • Empathy

Empathy is the nursing profession's ability to think and feel inside the patient's inner world. Much work with sick people involves a specific emotional burden, and the nurse is at risk of suffering and developing burnout syndrome.

  • Active listening

Listening, not just hearing. It is about paying attention and going much further.

  • Respect

Treat the patient in the way that you would be treated too. This is a fundamental principle of being an excellent nurse.

  • Eliminate distractions

It is important to show attention, establish eye contact, let the patient speak, control silences, not judge, and be patient; establishing an empathic relationship is fundamental to specifying a good communicative relationship.

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