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Nursing is a profession that allows a multitude of specializations. One of those currently in vogue is the one exercised in educational centers, where management teams and families are increasingly aware of the importance of providing specific health care to their students.

This path will open the door to working in a highly employed sector and attractive salaries. We will tell you about the school Nurse and the advantages you will enjoy if you train in this niche discipline. Are you looking for nursing jobs at school in Connecticut? Look no further than Carling Nurses {service(nursing-jobs-fairfield)}

Who are school nurses?

They are university-trained health professionals who lead and act as the link between the health and education systems. Their training has the necessary skills to provide care throughout the entire life course, allowing them to solve most of the health problems presented by students at school, from preschool, school, and adolescent stages, and may also include the care of young infants, older children, and adults in the school community.

What is the role of nurses?

To ensure the physical, psychological, and social well-being of students and the school community through assistance in emergencies, monitoring of children and adolescents with chronic diseases and special health needs, tending to strengthen self-care behaviors and healthy habits through educational activities aimed at promoting and prevention, and health research.

Advantages of becoming a School Nurse

In addition to your salary as a School Nurse, specialization in this discipline will bring you numerous advantages. You will have working conditions far from the rush that characterizes work in hospitals and health centers, and you will be able to develop proposals in areas such as psychology, nutrition, hygiene, and affectivity.

Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy

  • Stability

One of the most significant disadvantages of practicing nursing in other sectors is instability. Most professionals have contracts that last a couple of days or months and must be on the phone to determine their next assignment.

This makes it challenging to organize your day-to-day life, as your place of work and shifts will vary depending on the contract. It will also be more difficult to form relationships with other nurses.

Working in a school setting, you will have a Monday through Friday job with fixed hours. Your workspace will also be the same to familiarize yourself with the team and your patients.

In this way, you can offer them optimal care and settle in. In addition, you will have vacation and rest days.

  • Peace of mind

There may be emergencies in a school or institute, but their number is nowhere near the volume of a hospital or health center. Your duties will be more focused on prevention, education, and dealing with incidents with a low level of danger.

  • Reconciliation

Related to the previous two points, as a School Nurse, you will be able to balance your work with your other responsibilities. If, in addition, you have children at this stage of their learning, you will be able to bring them to your workplace, saving you commuting.

  • Rewarding work and environment

As a School Nurse, you will be surrounded by students whom you will help in their development as individuals. You will be able to mark a before and after in their nutritional habits, psychological problems, and self-esteem and detect diseases with the consequent benefit of early treatment.

  • Health Care Function

- Identify and assess the health care needs of the school.

- Design and organize health action plans based on the school community's needs.

school community.

- Provide health care coverage for emergencies and health incidences during school hours and activities.

- Treat children who need special daily care to facilitate their integration into state schools. Integration into state schools. For students attending special education schools. The goal for students attending special education schools is to improve the care they already receive.

  • Health education and promotion function

- Promote health within the school community, focusing on students and considering their social and anthropological background.

- Through health education, promote and support students' health empowerment.

- Implement equal and equitable health education programs for all, from childhood to adolescence, giving childhood through adolescence, providing continuity and training in care and wellness.

- Design teaching materials and resources to cover and develop the topics in the health education program.

- Program educational and formative activities focused on the school community, considering teaching methodologies and scientific rigor.

  • Research function

- Conduct research on school nursing nationally and internationally.

- Obtain information on risk behaviors, healthy habits, and health needs of children and adolescents through research to adapt and improve the work done by the nurse.

- Seek and evaluate the implementation of health education programs.

- Collaborate with health and school nursing teams during research and investigations.

- Promote training and research.

- Obtain information in schools about children with chronic diseases to know their needs.

  • Management function

- Manage the training and health care services provided at the school. school.

- Organize meetings with non-governmental organizations and create new relationships in favor of student health.

- Facilitate and manage health interventions in all schools to improve the school community's health.

- Work in coordination with other agents and health professionals involved in the care of students.

- Manage financial support to improve health services in the school community.

- Manage the implementation of health protocols, adapting them to the needs of each school.

evaluate and improve them to give continuity to their implementation in the school. If you need a reliable and experienced staffing agency for nurses in (()), you can count on us.

  • Advisory function

- Advise public and private entities in using applicable guidelines and protocols for health, covering topics related to health education, health promotion, prevention of risk behaviors, accidents, and diseases.

- Advise families about their children's health during individual or group meetings.

  • Accompanying function

- Helping children and adolescents start school for the first time and at the beginning of the school year.

- Helping integrate absent children who have been away for extended periods due to illness.

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