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Published 12/01/21 Written by Caring Nurses | Last updated on April 14, 2023

Nurses contribute to global health Caring Nurses LLC

It is becoming more and more evident that the role of nurses in health systems is key due to their experience, knowledge, and closeness to patients. For this reason, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) has announced the launch of the first certification program that will recognize the capabilities of nurses by creating a group of Certified Global Consultant Nurses.

The program

This new program enables ICN to identify and certify leading nurses who will become a resource for specialists to meet the growing demand for expert nursing advice around the world.


This certification program is designed to capture the credentials of nurses throughout their entire careers, in particular their contributions to healthcare, their specific areas of knowledge and expertise, and their professional and educational achievements.

“ICN is the global voice of more than 27 million nurses in the world, and we know that health policies work best when nurses participate in the design. Nurses must have a seat at the table where policy is made, and this exciting program will ensure that we have recognized experts who will advocate for improvements in nursing and health with all the effectiveness and power needed. Global Certified Nurse Consultants will amplify the voice of nurses in politics, improve response to current national and global health challenges, and provide advice to shape the future of healthcare”, said Annette Kennedy, ICN President.

Through the certification program, the skills of nurses working around the world will be recognized in several positions ranging from specialist clinical practitioners and policymakers to trainers, administrators, and more. If you want to be part of the Caring Nurses team you can contact us from anywhere, especially from the following cities or towns: {service(nursing-jobs-fairfield)}

Those who meet the standards will be issued a certificate that will validate their body of knowledge and experience and will allow them to contribute to different ICN initiatives, in addition to offering consultancy to governments, health institutions, and NGOs that seek the perspective of nursing on the world health issues raised during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. They will also receive the added benefit of having their credibility and visibility as experts substantiated by two of the world’s leading authorities in the nursing profession.

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