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Connecticut is known for having a high demand for school nurses. School nurses work in a unique environment where they provide care for children in school settings. Their primary goal is to promote health and prevent illness among students. School nurses also collaborate with school staff and families to ensure students receive the best possible care.

School nurses are responsible for assessing student health, administering medication, and developing care plans for students with chronic illnesses. They also educate students on health topics and provide resources to families to help them make informed decisions about their child's health.

If you are interested in becoming a school nurse in Connecticut, you must have a nursing degree and a state license. You can also obtain additional certifications in school nursing to advance your career.

Overall, both pediatric nursing and school nursing are rewarding career paths that require a passion for helping children. These professions require dedication, compassion, and a strong commitment to improving the health and well-being of children. Caring Nurses features a variety of pediatric nursing jobs in Connecticut for qualified and passionate individuals. {service(nursing-jobs-tolland)}

What is a pediatric nurse?

Pediatric nurses often view their profession not just as a job but as a vocation. Not surprisingly, they play an essential role in the life of a child and her family. Nurses provide people with medical and health care. Pediatric nurses specialize exclusively in the needs of children from birth through their late teens. Although children are their main patients, they often deal with the patient's parents and family. They explain the child's condition and reassure them.

The pediatric nurse directs its care towards babies, children, and adolescents up to 16 years of age. It involves detailed knowledge of child development and health processes during which a person is considered a minor.

What does a pediatric nurse do?

Pediatric nursing is dedicated to caring for children from birth to 16 years of age through the stages of newborn, infant, preschool, school, and adolescence. In this case, the spectrum of the word care is very wide, since the pediatric nursing professional covers a range of diverse tasks that go from the care of the healthy child to a purely therapeutic role, passing through the essential facet of support family, without forgetting prevention work with a high educational component.

Thus, a pediatric nurse is responsible for contributing to the correct and normal development of the child by closely monitoring their physiological, psychomotor, and psychosocial changes and attending to the health checks and immunizations required in each of the different stages. His task goes through the intervention to control and facilitate growth, eating, hygiene habits, rest and sleep, and communication and social interaction skills.


Pediatric nurses establish a care plan and implement nursing care for their patients.

The role of pediatric nurses is different from adult nurses in different ways. For example, since children are still growing, nurses must consider the impact of their illness or injury on their development.

Also, a child may be less able to explain their symptoms, so pediatric nurses have to gather more information from non-verbal cues.

The work of pediatric nurses can be very varied, from the intensive care of a newborn baby to the care of a 16-year-old with a broken leg, for example.

Pediatric nurses must address the child's physical condition and reduce the anxiety and confusion they may feel when they are ill. Looking for a nursing personnel agency for children and schools in Connecticut? Contact us today. We offer our services in the following cities Pediatric nursing care in Tolland, Tolland, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Bolton, Tolland, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Coventry, Tolland, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Stafford, Tolland, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Vernon, Tolland, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Willington, Tolland, Connecticut, CT |

Pediatric nurses work in various settings, including pediatric wards in general hospitals, specialty hospitals, day centers, and pediatric health clinics. Some pediatric nurses also visit children in their own homes to treat them.

Regardless of where they work, pediatric nurses are part of a multidisciplinary team, including other nurses, health aides, physicians, physical therapists, and many others. Nurses can also be in contact with social workers and educational psychologists.

Pediatric nurses assess the child and family's needs and, together with the medical staff, develop a plan of care that determines the child's needs and the treatment schedule.

After working with the healthcare team to create a care plan, the nurses use their observation and clinical skills and develop a close and trusting relationship with the child, which allows them to evaluate the effectiveness of the care plan.

The practical application tasks of nursing care:

  • Checking the child's temperature.

  • Assisting the doctor in examining patients.

  • Administration of medications and injections.

  • Wound healing and dressing change.

Role of pediatric nurse

The role of the pediatric nurse is to work with the family to identify objectives and needs to plan the interventions in the best possible way to solve the situations for which they were called. He or she must use their knowledge to adapt the procedures based on the defense and care of the children involved and thus achieve the most significant emotional and physical well-being.

Regarding the prevention of diseases and health promotion, the role of the pediatric nurse focuses on the treatment of disabilities or illnesses, transmitting the procedures clearly and comfortably to understand both the child or adolescent and the patient’s family, since she can communicate understandably and satisfactorily thanks to her academic training as an educator and learning facilitator.

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