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Family and community nursing is a fundamental piece in the care and prevention of diseases located in urban areas or localities, where individuals can obtain information from it to avoid major diseases.

We know that health is essential and even more important to prevent diseases, but how to do it? We invite you to learn more about the health area. We invite you to continue obtaining the necessary knowledge to improve your skills in your work environment.

Historical reference of the specialty

Since the appearance of the Public Health Nurses created by Lillian Wald years later in the United States, there have been many alterations and transformations in the formation and development of what we know today as Family and Community Nursing.

The primitive denomination of Public Health Nursing continued to be used until the 1970s when the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) considered the need to clarify the concept of Family and Community Nursing.

The designation "Community Nursing" began to be used in 1974 by the WHO when it convened the first seminar called "Community Nursing." "Community Nursing" was held to outline a community approach to nursing care. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the conceptual and naming evolution from "public health nursing" to "community care nursing" is not coincidental.

What is family and community nursing?

Among the concept of family nursing, we can find that it is the area of health in which nursing professionals care for an individual, family, or community. To safeguard the health and the prevention of diseases is also known as community nursing. Therefore they must guide and orient the community through their knowledge to prevent severe conditions.

It is defined as the set of activities performed by health professionals in nursing. These are dedicated to the primary care of families and communities. They are responsible for the care and procedures aimed at safeguarding the health of a group of individuals with common characteristics and objectives.

In their concept of family nursing, these professionals also cover or are in charge of public health and are responsible for studying the statistics of families and community through surveys, diagnoses, or diseases present in the regular scope of the community. They must also provide care to people in need of their attention and people in critical condition.

Role of the family and community nurse

They have many roles, the main ones being to promote the mental, physical and social health of a family or community. They assume the role of family therapists and educators in different aspects. We can say that they are not only dedicated to primary health care. At our nursing agency in Connecticut, we offer a personalized approach to combining health care facilities with school-appropriate nursing staff. School nursing in Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut, CT | School nursing in Danbury, Fairfield, Connecticut, CT | School nursing in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, CT | School nursing in Shelton, Fairfield, Connecticut, CT | School nursing in Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, CT | School nursing in Monroe, Fairfield, Connecticut, CT |

Their visits to communities and family homes are recurrent. Their role is seen as family doctors. They may also be located in community health centers where people from the same community can access them.

They assume a representative role in the family, giving instructions on good hygiene and physical, emotional, and social care of children or sick persons in the family or community.

They are in charge of providing correct and relevant information such as good nutrition, good physical development, emotional security, and stimulation to maintain a balance in the human being, resulting in a good coexistence.

Many times there are cases where families or communities are dysfunctional. That is why the professional in family and community nursing is in charge of facing these problems. Since it is evident that the primary source of mental imbalance is produced in the family, this is due to a lack of counseling or other more relevant cases that occur in the family.

They must be able to identify family problems such as child abuse or of any kind, to perform the role of reporting agent on these situations if required, by exercising the law or psychological therapies.

Importance of family and community nursing

This type of nursing is mainly based on the care of the health of the family within the community, as well as in the community in general. They are also in charge of preventing diseases present in the community.

Their work is in physically assisting households in giving good instructions for the emotional and biological environment and education on preventing diseases in the community.

Their primary attention is focused on children and the elderly; however, they can also assist people of any age, including people with special needs such as disabled people. They also care for people with serious illnesses, depression, or addictions.

Also, this specialty is a branch of nursing responsible for public health. Its professionals are accountable for studying through surveys, diagnoses, or diseases in its regular scope. This situation usually performs constant routines in different places with a large outbreak of diseases, helping families to prevent diseases and providing balance among family members.

It is not only in charge of that since many times there are sick people who cannot assume a private doctor or adequate mobilization to medical centers. This may occur due to disease-related complications or external agents that prevent the patient's recovery.

According to the study of the environmental agents, a schedule of assistance to the affected communities can be organized to maintain health in an adequate state to face different situations. They are in charge of the family in general. Their studies can be qualitative and quantitative. It implements habits and behaviors for people to develop self-care.

Specialty in Family and Community Nursing

This specialty of nursing is stated as an area of discernment centered on the qualitative interpretative paradigm of family and community health, where the nursing professional develops a deep qualitative interpretative paradigm of family and community health. In this context, the nursing professional develops a deep knowledge of the health reality of subjects and groups in their contexts.

These conditions enable the implementation of care actions, in an integrated work with the social actors themselves, towards promoting healthy lifestyles and preventing potential health risks in the natural and socio-cultural environment.

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