Best 10 reasons to study nursing in Connecticut

Published 01/19/22 Written by Ingenuity & Solutions | Last updated on April 17, 2023

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When you want to pursue a career in healthcare, Medicine is often the first thing that comes to mind. However, the world of healthcare relies on a variety of professionals beyond doctors. Pediatric nursing, school nursing, and Connecticut-based nurses are just a few examples of the diverse careers and vocations that contribute to the science of healing others in research centers, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other settings.

Nursing is a vital component of healthcare, and without it, the field would not be possible. Advanced societies recognize and value all nursing professionals because they understand the essential role they play. Both a vocation and a professional career, nursing appeals to many because it allows them to help people in need. As a nurse, you can have a positive impact on your patients' lives, and that is extremely rewarding. However, there are many other reasons to pursue a career in nursing, and here are the top 10:

10 reasons to study nursing

1. The vocation

The main reason to study Nursing should be the profession. That is to say, this activity is what you want to do in your life and what you want to dedicate yourself to, then there are a thousand reasons, but this must be the main reason you want to study nursing. We invite you to read our article:

2. Active and exciting work

Nursing is the furthest thing from a desk job - not sitting in front of a computer screen all day for you! On the other side, you will be moving your body all the time. You will have to hurry from one place to another to help doctors and patients. In this profession, you will have a constant movement every day. The work environment of nurses is not routine at all. It is challenging, full of adrenaline. Each patient represents a unique reality to demonstrate their knowledge and learn new skills. If you want to be part of the Caring Nurses team you can contact us from anywhere, especially from the following cities or towns: {service(nursing-jobs-windham)}

3. Help others and serve the community

At present, each individual that makes up society is submerged in an internal conflict of providing or not helping those who need it most at a given moment, but perhaps fear or lack of motivation prevents them from going further. For this reason, professionals who are prepared and committed to their community are needed. This preparation is an essential step for you to promote the common good. You will learn to work under pressure and respond quickly to medical needs and emergencies that a patient may present. Thanks to your first aid training, this activity will prepare you for this work environment and attend to personal emergencies when they arise.

4. Recognition in the professional field

The labor insertion of Nursing students is increasing every time. The professional fields to which nurses have been incorporated include the care area, teaching, research, management and cooperation, and development aid. It is a career with high social recognition, representing prestige for those who work in this field.

5. Cross borders

Precisely due to the high demand that exists, there are many facilities to practice nursing in a country other than yours. The internationalization programs and the options to make equivalences are endless. Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Spain, France, among other countries, have programs and agreements that promote the mobilization of nurses to their clinics and hospitals.

If you want to know more about traveling nurses, we invite you to read our article WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TRAVEL NURSING.

6. Many specialization options to choose

After obtaining a university degree in nursing, you can choose specializations in the area you like the most and thus have a more specific field of work and a better salary according to your training. The different types of patients you will work with will depend on the medical specialty you choose. For example, you can specialize in the area of pediatrics, neonatology, anesthesia, geriatrics, intensive care, surgical area, certified midwife, psychiatric and mental health, etc. At our nursing agency in Connecticut, we offer a personalized approach to combining health care facilities with school-appropriate nursing staff. Pediatric nursing care in Brooklyn, Windham, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Eastford, Windham, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Hampton, Windham, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in Windham, Windham, Connecticut, CT | Pediatric nursing care in  woodstock, Windham, Connecticut, CT |

7. Stable and safe work

If you value training as a nurse or nurse, you are considering applying for nursing vacancies. It is a fantastic decision. We all know how hard the tests can be. If you get a position, you will become part of the body of State officials or a private entity with all the advantages that this implies. You can likely get a safe and stable job with good conditions and many benefits.

8. A profession that does not have unemployment

There are few things as rewarding as studying something you like and starting work once you finish your studies. The truth is that there are very few professions that can guarantee you something like this. One of them is that of a nurse or nursing assistant. It is a profession that hardly has unemployment. The demand for good workers is increasing. And if you show your qualities, you can achieve good working conditions and excellent stability.

9. Irreplaceable professionals.

Fundamentally, the work that nurses develop will never be done by a machine. Nurses' criteria, sensitivity, and ability to connect with their patients make them essential and unique beings. The profession has a very high demand for experts, so another advantage is job opportunities and rapid insertion into the job market. Worldwide, the doctor-nurse ratio is 9 to 1, and this ratio should be the other way around, according to the World Health Organization.

10. You can aspire to a competitive salary

Another factor that tends to carry a lot of weight for some students when choosing the university degree they will study is the salary they can aspire to in the different degrees that match their talents, goals, and preferences. If this is your case, you must know that, although remuneration is an important aspect you should keep in mind before making a decision, it should not be a determining element. Now, the reality is that as a nurse, you can aspire to a competitive salary that allows you to achieve many of your goals, such as improving your quality of life and being a support for your family.

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